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Movies watched in 2011

Gonna spice it up a bit this year:

movies are the ones I saw at the cinemas (which means I probably have high expectations for it)
Italicized movies are ones I will definitely watch again
Bolded AND italicized movies are the combo of the first two (really effing good movie, in that sense)
Blame the fact that The King's Speech happens to be my first film of the year. So far no movie can live up to it, yet. I may be wrong.

★ = Downright horrendous
★ = Ugh
★ =  Meh
★ = Okay if you're bored with nothing else to do
★ = Pretty good
★ = Loved it
★ = Perfect in every sense ♥
1. The King's Speech

2. A Single Man [link to review]

3. Megamind

4. Tangled

5. Red Riding Hood

6. Love and Other Drugs


7. Tron: Legacy


8. The Green Hornet

9. The Roommate

10. The Dilemma

11. X-Men: First Class

12. Paul

13. Sucker Punch

14. Just Go with It ★★

 15. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ★★★★★

16. Unknown ★★★★

17. Bridesmaids ★★★★

18. Trust ★★★ 
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